Membership Fee Revision

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By Tokenize Xchange
November 02, 2023

Tokenize announcement

Dear Tokenizers,

Our Membership fees will be revised with effect from 1 December 2023 as follows:

  • Premium Membership Fee – 40 TKX per year
  • Platinum Membership Fee – 100 TKX + 700 TKX (1-year staking) per year

For more information about Tokenize Xchange, please visit our Help Center or our Membership page to view your membership status.

Please feel free to contact us at for any further questions.


Terms & Conditions

  • All membership upgrades or renewals are non-transferrable and fees paid are non-refundable.
  • The new membership fees will apply to all new upgrades and renewals starting from 1 December 2023, 00:00 SGT.
  • Users who upgraded or renewed their membership before 1 December 2023, will not be subject to this change until the next membership renewal.
  • Tokenize Xchange reserves the right to change, cancel or modify these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. 



Tokenize Xchange Team,

2 November, 2023


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