Protecting Yourself from Scams

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By Tokenize Xchange
February 07, 2022

As online scams are rapidly on the rise, your security remains our top priority. Here at Tokenize Xchange, we are committed to protecting you from such scams and have implemented additional security measures to safeguard your assets.


Here are some general tips to stay safe and protect yourself:

1. Set up your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (or “2FA”) is a secondary security measure meant to verify your identity before logging in. Tokenize Exchange encourages all users to enable the 2FA to ensure that your account stays protected.

You may refer here for more information on how to set up your 2FA.

2. Never share sensitive information with anyone

This includes your email addresses, mobile numbers, passwords and 2FA access. By sharing this information online, hackers will be able to gain access and control of your account.


3. Never click on suspicious links via emails, SMSes or on Facebook posts.

Should you receive an SMS or emails containing a suspicious link to a website, it may likely be from a scammer. Please do not click on such links. Do check carefully who the email is from and confirm that the URL starts with

Users are reminded to ensure they are on our official website or use the official mobile applications to conduct any activity. Go directly to to ensure that you are on our platform.

You may read more here on how to protect yourself from phishing attacks.

4. Never transfer cryptocurrencies to a stranger’s wallet

Should a stranger online approach you for assistance with transferring cryptocurrencies into their wallet, please do not do so. Only withdraw your coins to a wallet that you know.

On Tokenize Xchange, all withdrawals to external wallets will need to be white-listed. This is an added security measure to ensure that the recipient wallet is valid and verified by you.

For more information on whitelisting your addresses, you may click here.

5. Check for official statements and posts by Tokenize Xchange

All official posts by Tokenize Xchange will be posted on our main social media platforms:

Our verified Tokenize Xchange pages will have a blue tick, as shown below. Do check to ensure that the posts are made by our official pages.


6. Tokenize Xchange staff will never ask you to deposit, withdraw or transfer your coins to a separate address.

Our friendly staff are here to assist you with your enquiries and will NEVER ask you to transfer your cryptocurrencies to a separate account. Keep a lookout for our official email addresses that will end with .

7. If in doubt, please reach out to us

Should you be unsure about the legitimacy of any websites, links or suspect that you are a victim of an impersonating scam, please feel free to check with us before continuing with any further action.

You may drop us an email at or  

You can also visit our help centre for additional information on how to safeguard yourself and your personal information.

Remember that no one should access or share your account apart from you. Set a complex password and never share your login details to anyone.

Beware of these scams, stay vigilant and do not fall victim to them.


Cryptocurrencies are subjected to high market risk and volatility despite high growth potential. Users are strongly advised to do their research and invest at their own risk.