The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.198| Jul 2022)

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By Tokenize Xchange
July 20, 2022

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Singapore Blockchain Week 2022 Promo Code

Tokenize Xchange is excited to announce that we will attend the Singapore Blockchain Week 2022 — the premier Blockchain event in Singapore.

On 27th July 2022 (4:15pm — 5:00pm SGT), Travis Teo, Tokenize Xchange’s Head of Business Development is having a discussion on Web2 to Web3: How Should Companies Get Involved. This would be a great opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to learn about the decentralization concept and Web3 applications.

>>> Click HERE for more details.

To welcome newcomers to Tokenize Xchange, we provide all new registers a promo code to get 2 TKX without any minimum trade (will be disclosed later)! Also, come visit our booth to chat with the Tokenize team and grab some limited edition freebies!

How to get free TKX with the promo code

Step 1: Sign up new account with our promo code

Step 2: Receive 2 TKX credited into their wallet

*Note: The promo code will be valid from 25th July 2022 00:00 to 31st August 2022 23:59.

See you this 27th July at Singapore Blockchain Week 2022!

New Referral Feature: Loyalty Card

A whole new referral feature is incoming! From 15th July, 2022, Tokenize Xchange users can find a loyalty card on their Total Invitees & Total Commission page.

New friends will have to register using your referral link, successfully complete Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and trade a minimum amount of 1,000 USD. The more invitees to meet the criteria, the more the inviter will earn.

Invite up to:

  • 5 friends and get 1 TKX
  • 10 friends and get 2 TKX
  • 15 friends and get 3 TKX
  • 20 friends and get 10 TKX plus a FREE Tokenize Xchange Goodie Bag.

Have more than 20 friends? Reach out to us for more profit sharing options and a chance to be our affiliate partner!

Terms & Conditions

This promotion is on top of the existing 2 TKX for each invitee.

Earn more TKX and exclusive merchandise when you invite more friends.

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2.9% Rebate for Credit/Debit Card

Learn how to deposit with a credit/debit card on Tokenize Xchange here.

All the Premium and Platinum users who use a credit/debit card to deposit on Tokenize Xchange from 1/7/22 00:00 to 31/7/22 23:59 will receive 2.9% TKX rebates into their wallets within the next hour (based on that hour TKX price).

Make sure you have upgraded your membership to Premium/Platinum to enjoy this exclusive promotion and many more opportunities in the future.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade your membership right now to receive the best promotion in July!

Redeem Your Coupon: New Feature on Tokenize Xchange

New Feature, have you experienced yet?

Tokenize V3.0 has brought you many improvements, conveniences, and the best thing: new features. If you haven’t explored Redeem your coupon yet, it’s time to find out with Tokenize Xchange.

Redeem your Coupon

When you click on Market, you will see a Coupon button on the right. There are two types of coupons are available under Tokenize Xchange — Free TKX and Trading Fee Discounts.

  • Free TKX coupons: allow you to redeem free TKX and will be credited into your wallet.
  • Trading Fee Discounts: can be used during trading to offset your trading fees.

All coupons are redeemed on a first-come-first-served basis, so keep a lookout for promotional coupons released to claim your free coupons!

How To Redeem your Free TKX Coupon

Step 1: Visit Market. Click on “Coupons” on your dashboard.

Step 2: Select your coupon and click on “Redeem”

Step 3: Read the Terms & Conditions carefully and click on “Redeem” to claim your coupon.

Upon clicking on redeem, the TKX will be credited into your wallet.

To Redeem your Trading Fee Discount Coupon

Step 1: Go to our website. Click on “Trade” and select your trading pair.

Step 2: Click on “Use Coupon” and select the coupon that you wish to use and click on “Use Now”

Step 3: Select the coupon that you wish to use and click on “Redeem”

Step 4: Key in your order accordingly and click on “Buy” to use the coupon.

Note: The Trading Fee Discount coupon is only applicable for trades under Spot Trading and applies to all trading pairs on the platform.

Don’t forget to follow our Promotions to catch up with the latest deals, discounts, and promotion codes for all Tokenize users!

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