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TKX FRENZY: Play this game to earn 100 TKX or even more

By Amy Luong
December 06, 2021
TKX frenzy
Let’s join TKX Frenzy for 100TKX rewards!

Log in for 5 days consecutively and win 100 TKX or even more from us!

1. How to join TKX FRENZY 

Users can join our promotion TKX FRENZY in 2 steps! Very simple:

Step 1: Log in to your Tokenize account

Step 2: Click Rewards/TKX Frenzy to play now!

2. How to win the prize?

Users need to lock in for 5 days consecutively to get 5 Frenzy Numbers (one Frenzy Number per day). The King Number will be generated randomly every Monday.

If the total of your 5 Frenzy Numbers is equivalent to the King Number, you and other winners will share a prize pool of 100 TKX. If there is no winner, the prize will be allocated to next week.

For example: If there is no winner this week the prize pool for next week will be 200TKX, and even 300TKX if next week doesn’t have a winner.

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