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The Newsletter by Tokenize Xchange (Vol.145| July 2021)

By Amy Luong
July 27, 2021

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Credit/Debit Card Top-ups are Now Available

With cryptocurrency investors facing an increase in ‘friction’ due to regulatory policies, we’re committed to providing the cheapest and fastest way to purchase your share of the future!

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Tokenize 3.0 will now be offering credit and debit card top-ups. Our users can now seamlessly purchase digital assets with ease and flexibility.

Our fees for credit/debit card top-ups are 2.9% per transaction and a minimum of $100 SGD per top-up!

Jump on board and make your first cryptocurrency purchase with Tokenize Xchange today! It’s too easy 🙂

*Our card payment service provider charges a 2.9% processing fee per transaction. These fees are not paid to Tokenize and we do not earn from them.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to deposit SGD into Tokenize Xchange

Webinar on 22nd July: Intro to Tokenize Xchange V3

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Join Jamie, Tokenize Xchange’s special host on Webinarjam this 22nd July to get a better glimpse of Tokenize Xchange V3.

This webinar will cover:

  • Basic Interface differences

Don’t miss out!

Keeping Up with Tokenize Every Friday

The cryptocurrency market has been moving at a higher speed than ever! Missing crucial information can lead to wrong investment decisions. But no worries! We got you covered with KEEPING UP WITH TOKENIZE!

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Every Friday, we will provide our users with the latest news during every week to help you catch up with what is happening right now in the crypto market, from cryptocurrency upgrades, ICO projects, regulations updates, to the newest technology trend.

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How to monitor trading activities?

Here is a step-by-step on how to monitor your trading activities.

Step 1: Go to website:

At the top right corner of the page, click on “Orders” and select “Spot Orders”.

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Step 2: Click on “Pending Orders” to view all of your pending orders.

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Each order will show detailed information such as, Date, Market, Side, Order Type, Price, Total Units, Amount and Filled.
For orders that are still pending, you can click on “Cancel” to cancel your order.

Step 3: To view all finished orders, click on “Finished Orders”

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All orders that have been completed will be shown. To view more details, click on the small arrow on the left.

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If you would like to export a copy of your trading transactions, you may click on “Export CSV” to download the file.

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You can also select to view your finished orders by Date, Pair, and Side as well. Click to customise your search and click on “Apply”.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Begin Staking

As an investor, you must have heard of several crypto investment strategies like hodling, swing trading, or futures trading, how about crypto staking? In a nutshell, staking gives you the chance to earn crypto rewards while you sleep, isn’t it great? Check out 5 reasons to start staking crypto with Tokenize Xchange right away!

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What is staking?

Before jumping into 5 reasons why you should begin staking crypto, let us remind you of PoS — Proof of Stake consensus algorithm

The Proof of Stake (PoS) is a consensus mechanism that states that a new block transaction can be validated according to how many coins the miner is staking. It means that the mining power is no longer based on mining computer rigs, but on the number of coins held by miners. PoS participants (nodes) will receive rewards (including block rewards and transaction fees) to incentive their contributions.


Investment Guide: How to Diversify Your Crypto Portfolio

Last week, we mentioned “Never put all your eggs in one basket” as a golden rule to protect you from market volatility in the previous article: Top 5 crypto investment rules for beginners, Today Tokenize Xchange will dive deeper into diversification strategy to understand why it matters to your investment and how to diversify your crypto portfolio.

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What is portfolio diversification?

Portfolio diversification means investing in different assets with variable scopes of risks to limit the price swings of their investments. Since it is impossible for all industries to go up or down at the same time, a well-diversified portfolio will save investors by spreading the risks among different investments.

According to Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) by Harry Markowitz, investors can create an investment portfolio to maximize their expected return based on the level of market risks. Accordingly, the expected return could be calculated as the weighted sum of the individual assets’ returns.


A Short Introduction to Yield Farming

Yield farming is a key feature of the DeFi ecosystem. In traditional finance, the term ‘yield’ broadly refers to income earned from investments. It includes price increases as well as dividends received and/or interest earned.

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In DeFi, yield farming involves a more intricate process known as ‘liquidity mining’ whereby users are able to receive extra rewards in the from of a platform’s native tokens. This is in addition to any interest or fees earned from interacting with that platform.


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