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14/05/2019 16:00 GMT+00:00

Why Join Xpress IEOs


With XPRESS, multiple payment options are made available to you. Choose from any crypto. Participating in IEOs has just become a breeze.


Tired of undergoing a different KYC for every IEO? With your verified KYC profile on Tokenize Xchange, you won’t need to undergo a separate KYC process for each IEO launched on XPRESS.

No More Gas War

There’s no need to pay for gas when buying IEO tokens on XPRESS. So your purchases will be on a first-come, first-served basis. You can also buy your IEO tokens in advance, depending on the IEO, and availability

Secure and Safe

Every purchase of an XPRESS IEO will be made on Tokenize Xchange, reducing the risk of sending your crypto to a wrong wallet address. Participate in IEOs with a greater peace of mind.

More than 20,000 clients trust us to handle their money everyday

By employing top-tier providers and implementing the best practices for wallet management and identity verification, Tokenize ensures the security and robustness of its platform to provide users with a peace of mind when trading.