Earn exceptional rewards
while securing Titan Chain

Staking is a public good for the Titan ecosystem. Any user with any amount of TKX can help secure the network and earn rewards in the process.
Titan Genesis Mining Pool

Mining Pool has been closed

Phase 1

May 2023


Max Cap: 2,000,000 TKX

Minimum bond amount: 2,048 TKX

APR: 28%

Phase 2

January 2024


Max Cap: 2,000,000 TKX

Minimum bond amount: 1 TKX

APR: 19%

Phase 3



Mainnet Launch

Minimum bond amount: TBD


Titan Validators

On Titan, a dedicated set of validators plays a crucial role in maintaining the blockchain's integrity and security. Validators are responsible for committing new blocks in the blockchain. These validators participate in the consensus protocol by broadcasting votes that contain cryptographic signatures signed by each validator's private key.

Becoming a Validator:
  • Bonding TKX: To join the set of validators, candidates must bond a minimum of 2048 TKX, demonstrating their commitment to the network. Validator candidates can bond their own TKX and have TKX delegated to them by other TKX token holders.
  • Earning Rewards: Validators and their delegators earn TKX tokens through block provisions and transaction fees. Additionally, the Titan Project Owner offers special rewards to early supporters to maintain attractive APRs by adding more TKX to the Reward Pool.
  • Accountability and Slashing: Validators are held to high standards of performance and integrity. Misbehavior, such as double-signing or extended downtime, can result in a portion of their bonded TKX being slashed, including tokens delegated to them. This penalty system ensures validators act responsibly and prioritize network security.
Titan Delegators

Even those who don't operate validator nodes can actively contribute to Titan's security and earn rewards through delegation. Here's how it works:

  • Strength in Unity: Delegators play a vital role in selecting and supporting trustworthy validators. By delegating their TKX, they bolster the total bond of their chosen validators, increasing their chances of being elected to the validate set.
  • Shared Rewards and Risks: Delegators share in the revenue earned by their validators. However, they also share the risks. If a validator misbehaves, a portion of the delegator's bonded TKX may also be slashed.
  • Commissions and Transparency: Validators can set a commission on the rewards earned by their delegators, providing an incentive for their services. This commission is clearly communicated to delegators beforehand and can only change within predefined limits.

Through the collaborative efforts of validators and delegators, Titan maintains a robust, secure, and rewarding ecosystem for all participants.

Why bond your TKX to Titans
Earn rewards
In Titan Chain, validators or miners are selected to validate transactions and create new blocks based on the amount of TKX they have bonded. Validators receive rewards in the form of additional TKX for their efforts.
Enhance Security
Titan Chain allows a large number of participants to become validators which increases the decentralisation of the network. This will enhance sybil resistance where an attacker tries to gain control over the consensus mechanism as it will not be economically feasible. Validators who engage in malicious behavior, such as double-spending or creating invalid blocks, can be punished or penalized by losing their staked TKX. This provides an additional incentive for validators to act honestly and maintain the security and integrity of the network.
Enhance Sustainability
Unlike Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism, which requires miners to solve complex mathematical problems using computational resources, PoS requires validators to bond a certain amount of cryptocurrency to participate in block validation. This means that PoS networks consume significantly less energy, making them more environmentally friendly.
Mining Options
There are several mining options available to TKX holders, depending on their preferred level of involvement. Some of the mining options are:
This involves running a validator node and bonding your own TKX to validate transactions and create new blocks. Becoming a Validator requires technical knowledge and can be time-consuming, but it allows for maximum control and rewards. Validator candidates need to have at least 2048 TKX and a dedicated computer that is connected 24/7 to the internet.
Bond Now
People that cannot or do not want to operate validator nodes can still participate in the mining process as Delegators. Delegators share the revenue of their validators, but they also share the risks. In terms of revenue, validators and delegators differ in that validators can apply a commission on the revenue that goes to their delegator before it is distributed. This commission is known to delegators beforehand and can only change according to predefined constraints. In terms of risk, delegators' TKX can be slashed if their validator misbehaves.
Bond Withdrawals
When Titan Chain is live, Bond Withdrawal will be enabled. Validators can opt to withdraw their deposited TKX and receive rewards into their wallet.Validators of Titan Chain are subjected to a 30-day period of withdrawal processing, which determines the withdrawal eligibility. During this time, mining rewards and penalties (if applied) shall be calculated as per Titan Chain's specific rules.