5 reasons to buy Tokenize Emblem (TKX) Tokenize Xchange tokens

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By Tokenize Xchange
October 05, 2021

There has been a trend in the crypto community that cryptocurrency exchange releases their own tokens, for example, Binance has BNB, and Tokenize Xchange is not an exception. Tokenize Emblem – the native token of Tokenize Xchange was built to provide traders with special perks in the form of discounts and earnings. In this article, Tokenize Xchange would show you 5 reasons to buy Tokenize Emblem (TKX). Is TKX a good investment? Let’s find out!

reasons to buy TKX
In this article, we would show you 5 reasons to buy Tokenize Emblem (TKX)

TKX price is $7.018 at the time this article is writing with its ATH reaching $8.22 on Sep7th, 2021. As a strong token, Tokenize Emblem is such a worthy investment for Tokenize users for 5 reasons below. 

1. Holding TKX allows you to earn higher returns for staking crypto

Stake with TKX (not to confuse with standalone TKX deposit) is an option whereby users have 100TKX in their exchange wallet and they would like to pair this 100TKX with their non TKX deposits. It means that by staking at least 100 TKX, you will get a higher APR (annual yield) for staking another cryptocurrency. 


Staking without TKX
Staking without TKX
Staking with TKX
Staking with TKX

Also, deposits that are paired with 100TKX will enjoy a higher APR% and this pairing will become Flexi withdrawal as well. This process can only be selected and executed at the start of each deposit after you have click stake on the token of interest to deposit.

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2. Paying trading fees for 30% discount

Do you know that you can use your TKX to pay for trading fees and get to enjoy a 30% discount? With just two simple steps, you can enjoy the benefit of a 30% discount on the trading fee 

3. Buying TKX for ZERO-FEE withdrawal

Not only provide you with higher staking returns, staking TKX saves you a lot with the zero-fee withdrawal as well. 

Normally, users would need to pay from 0.02% to 0.1% to withdraw your digital assets from the platform. However, this withdrawal fee would become 0 if you are holding at least 5,000 TKX in your wallet.

4. Upgrade your membership

There are several membership tiers within Tokenize Xchange. Members can choose to upgrade their membership by paying and staking our Tokenize Xchange emblem – TKX. 

All users within Tokenize Xchange begin as Normal Members. As a Normal Member, there are no membership fees and no expiration date. 

To upgrade to a Premium Member, users will have to pay 160 TKX per year to enjoy the benefits and perks of being a Premium Member, such as lower trading fees, zero transaction fees, etc. 

Becoming a Platinum Member requires users to pay 800 TKX and stake 800 TKX per year. Platinum Members enjoy platinum trading rates while having access to exclusive perks.

5. Join Referral programs

From 1st Jun 2021, all referrers will get up to 20% commission from your referees’ trading fee, each time your referees make a trade on Tokenize. This is only valid for friends who have signed up using the referral links after 1st June 2021.

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Kindly note that referrers will need to successfully complete KYC and staked at least 20 TKX. This promotion is applied to an unlimited number of referees. 

So, what do you think? Would you like to buy TKX for several benefits from Tokenize Xchange? Don’t hesitate to share with us!


All content produced by Tokenize Exchange is intended solely for educational purposes. This should not be taken as financial or investment advice. Individuals are advised to perform due diligence before purchasing any crypto as they are subject to high volatility.